Thanks so much to all holders. The journey is just beginning ...

How does it work

CryptoRalph NFTs are lazy minted on the Polygon / Ethereum. With the minting above they get fully minted and written to the immutable blockchain with the minter wallet-address as the owner – also shown on marketplaces like OpenSea.

This is done for a limited number of CryptoRalph NFTs and the process might take a few hours each (please also check your Hidden NFTs on OpenSea, as they sometimes arrive there).

Metamask as wallet is recomended (and probably mostly used anyhow).

On Metamask mobile you might first need to switch to Polygon Mainnet manually (as automatic does not always work). If that is the case please „Logout“ (button below) after switching and „Connect wallet“ again.

Having trouble with minting buttons above?
Please click on „Logout“ button below, reload page and try "Connect wallet" again.